The super cool fold of the week — I’m hooked!

The super cool fold of the week — I’m hooked!

Print Media

As a graphic artist – I love this this type of info!  Yet many clients do not want to discuss direct mail marketing these days, and it is a shame.

Having a tangible item delivered to your potential customers hands, is good. An added bonus these days is the U.S. Postal Service has many ways of helping small businesses. I am sure everyone has heard of Every Door Direct Mailing (EDDM), but did you know you can have your own personal USPS customer service rep. Yep, I call mine Postal Bob.

Bob has been a huge asset to MKS Graphics. I have a direct line to his desk, if I have to leave a message he calls me back with answers. He also suggests the most efficient way to get specific projects through the USPS without a hick-up. The more time I can save, the better I can serve my clients, and stay within budget.

To expand your reach — put your product or service in the hands of your new customer.