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Printed Marketing Materials

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Gary Brewer and the Kentucky Ramblers are a family with 6 Generations of musical roots. Today 3 generations travel on the road, including the THE GRAND OLE OPRY on OCTOBER 19, 2017. These marketing materials consist of a band poster and band handout for autographs. In the world of marketing we[…]


Website Design

Today’s e-commerce offers many benefits to the small local business owners. Since the “voice activated assistants” are the current rage — search has completely changed. Every retailer should be aware that Amazon’s Alexa, Apple’s Siri and Google Voice are all voice activated search interfaces.  And they are each serving up[…]

100 year old company updates its website

Updating A Century Old Brand

Website Design

This was the original website. A century of made in the USA. Mapes Piano String Company started in 1912. Mapes wire manufactures precision spring wire to tolerances within 1/10,000th and its products are used in everything from automobiles to space shuttles. Mapes’ wire mill produces round and flat wire for a variety[…]

Website Creation

Helping Clients Update Their Online Image

Website Design

This client had a website from the 1990 that was not mobile friendly, had elements of flash integrated, and was basically not getting any attention from search engines. The old website had served them well until mobile took over. Many business owners are not aware that search engines and website hosts[…]

A 24/7 online sales tool

Website Design

Realtors like many professionals need a website that is a 24/7 online sales tool. This website was built with the most up-to-date technology available that they can grow with as budget allows. The website intelligence offers this client many options, they can work directly with their MLS feed, or manually enter listings. They can push content with great[…]

Package Design

Custom Packaging Solutions

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MAPES has been making strings in the USA for over a century. Helping clients bring their visions to life is really what I do. This project was the vision of Mapes Piano String Company. Mapes is a fourth generation USA company, and they take great pride in their craftsmanship and quality. They[…]