The Mailing Experts

This responsive website was created for the Mailing Experts Inc., in South Florida. They needed to be visible for those corporate companies, alumni, realtors, and payroll companies that still need bulk and direct mail help on a regular basis.

Plus they needed a platform to keep pushing the proven results of direct mail to the masses. You may assume email would be cheaper for many bulk mailings – but you may be wrong especially with all the new programs offered by the USPS these days.

Plus many don’t think about the security and reliability of direct mail compared to email. With Google changing how many receive mail these days – by labeling it “promotions” etc – you may not know if your email is even arriving in the end users INBOX. Companies like “constant contact” and “mail chimp” are having issues not only dealing with their email being redirected – they are having problems reaching international addresses.

Are you mailing Corporate Christmas cards, Holiday cards or Calendars to vendors and clients this year?

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