Ecommerce for Mobile is very important in business today. Click here and view this sample.

This client has a small business and needed his website to start working for him 24/7.  SRC was spending hours answering customer questions on the phone, and taking valuable time away from doing the actual work in the shop. We solved these problems by creating a visually appealing site – and adding intelligence to the website that allows clients to ask questions. Those Q&A’s will become a resource for other visitors to utilize.

The new website also allows the client to post articles about their products to encourage sales, and search engines to organically re-visit. The entire website has also been created to “push” content to the clients social media accounts.

Today it takes a village to keep your business in front of potential clients – make sure your website is working for you!

Google partnered with Nielsen to better understand consumers’ mobile habits. They uncovered five key findings:

Consumers are spending time researching on their smartphones (15+ hours a week), their research starts with a search engine (vs. a mobile site or app), proximity is important (69% expect businesses to be within five miles of their location), immediacy is key (more than half want to purchase within the hour) and mobile influences their purchase decisions (93% go on to buy).

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