How many people touch your brand in today’s digital age?

Recently I created a postcard mailing for a client and the postage was 11 cents per household and guaranteed to make it to the mailbox. The final trim of this postcard was 12″ x 7″ a good size canvas to communicate anyone’s message.

If you are building a brand and you are not using direct mail advertising — you should ask yourself why.

Think about those 1000’s of ad messages per day that are bombarding email in-boxes. Not to mention most email clients are now “labeling” messages for you, and your message may not even reach the in-box.

Successful advertising should include getting your potential customer to touch, smell or at least read about your product or service — and Direct Mail does just that.

In today’s digital age many have stopped their direct mail programs and feel that email and social media is the most economical way to reach new customers – but that is naive. Both of those resources do serve a purpose, but direct mail is unique.

Now that only a precious few are competing for the USPS Mailbox — make sure to look at all your options — to increase your reach.